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Yoga Session with Natalie

My dear friend Natalie and I discussed getting some yoga photos taken for her to use on her socials and for me to experiment with playing with my camera settings, shadows, angles, and more.

Our first mini-session was done on the stairwell outside of the studio in the morning light. It was only 8 a.m. but the light was already quite bright, casting strong shadows.

Our second mini-session took place inside the studio and this was an entirely different lighting challenge. Almost no natural light makes its way into the studio, despite there being giant glass windows and doors. The front of the studio faces north and made capturing crisp images pretty challenging.

Our third and final mini-session took place in the courtyard of the building, and the lighting conditions were much easier to work with. We used the little platform stage in front of a very tall wall that provided us with shade from the rising sun.

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