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The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine.

When we think of the word Feminine we probably jump straight to ideas of womanly curves, thick and luscious long hair, well-groomed lifestyles and a flattering outfit to match. These things can describe the Feminine being, but only so deep as the physical plane. Where we want to go is much deeper, and is not limited only to females.

In every human, and indeed in every life form on earth, there are elements present of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. In yogic terminology these two polarities may be described as Shakti and Shiva, or in traditional Chinese ideology they may be referred to as Yin and Yang. The left side of our bodies carries the Feminine Energy throughout, and the right side carries the Masculine Energy.

So what exactly is this Divine Feminine Energy? It is the creative, life-giving, and nurturing instinct that lives within us, and within our planet Mother Earth, as well. The idea of giving life is not restricted simply to procreation. One can give life to ideas, dreams, expressions, art, music, relationships and much more.

So how exactly can one connect more closely to the Divine Feminine Energy within? I will share with you some of my favorite practices for cultivating more of this energy into my everyday life.

1. Notice the beauty in everything. Be it the sky, a stranger passing down the street, a smile on a small child’s face, the touch of the breeze on your skin, the wind playing in your hair, a colorful bunch of wildflowers growing freely, the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful things in life is endless. So how does noticing beauty connect us with the Feminine? By realizing that all of these beautiful elements were brought into existence via the Creative Feminine Force. Everything that can be found in this world contains the creative life force within it. If we can stop and appreciate this energetic perfection, we can also embody its existence within ourselves.

2. Connect your feet to Mother Earth. Have you heard of the practice of “grounding” or “earthing”? It has become quite popular recently and for good reason. Grounding basically means spending time with your bare feet in contact with the earth. This contact helps to keep us nurtured and thriving, connecting us with the natural healing power of our home, Mother Earth. Research has shown that making the barefoot connection to the Earth allows one to soak up the limitless supply of free electrons she offers us. These electrons can help to moderate any free radicals in your system.

Dancing in the Rain- Jaipur, India 2018

3. Create

Creative energy can be experienced in an endless number of forms. You can express creation through art, photography, music, dance, writing, cooking, and the list goes on. When you make the intention to create something, to bring life to an idea you have, you nurture the Feminine energy in your life and in the world. In our modern age when we are overloaded with information, we spend a lot of our time consuming. We are consuming pictures on Instagram, consuming knowledge from the Internet as well as consuming words from books and blogs. There is nothing wrong with this consumption, especially if it nourishes your soul and feeds your inspiration. We must, however, remember to balance our consumption with creation. What projects have you been working on? Do you have any creative ways you’ve wanted to express yourself? Tap into the Feminine force and give birth to your dreams and ideas.

4. Sensuality

I think there is a common misconception around the word sensuality. Our minds often jump straight to sexuality, but the two ideas have lives of their own, and can be experienced independently of one another. Sensuality comes from the 'senses'. How can you be more engaged with your senses on an every day basis? Where can you notice the pleasure in your sensual experiences? How your silk scarf kisses your skin, the warmth of your tea in the morning, the aromas of the essential oils you use... giving your uninterrupted attention to these sensual sensations heightens your experience of pleasure in life

5. Embrace the temple that is your body

Have you ever heard the saying “I am not a body with a soul, I am a soul with a body”? This rings so true for me. We are blessed with a physical body in which our soul, our Eternal Self, is allowed to reside in order to experience and enjoy this worldly existence. It is a duty to the Creative Force, to the Feminine energy that birthed our bodies to honor and take care of them. When you wake up in the morning give thanks to the Universe for all that your body has allowed you to experience and all that you will experience in the future. Care for your body by nurturing it with fresh wholesome foods. Keep this temple of yours clean both physically and mentally. Indulge in daily self massage, meditate, cover yourself in oils and most importantly, when you look at yourself in the mirror remember to tell yourself “I love you, you are beautiful”.

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