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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Thursday. June 25.



Here, now, with breath and body. Witnessing what passes.

A memory.

Here in this studio, perhaps 10 years ago.

As now, so then was I laying on my mat, present with breath and body.

My mind went blank, I was fading out, but fading up, up and out of my body.

I was a witness, of my self from above.

Hovering there above myself in space I watched as I lay perfectly still breathing in and out.

An out of body experience is not something I ever desired or even contemplated having.

Somehow that magic happened to me, and I’m blessed to have had the experience, to have learned what it's like and how quiet it is up there, out of time, and out of mind.

Today as I lay on my mat I wondered if I would ever have such an experience again.

Maybe not. That’s okay.

The universe spoke to me, and I was grateful.

Grateful for every experience I’ve been blessed to have witnessed.

After all, I view this life as a collection of experiences.

Sometimes I admire those who can live the same day again and again and find peace with it, for that is also a blessing.

I have not yet received, or cultivated, such acceptance for repetition and I will use this life I have to collect as many novel experiences as I can.

I have put myself through many a painful situation and I would not take any of them back. I have learned from them, grown from them, and in the end, will have a richer collection of moments than if I never underwent these twisting and tormenting trials.

Now too, I must remember that I am a seeker and a collector.

I will move forward with more knowledge, more wisdom, and a deeper understanding of this human experience after passing through this turbulence.



You’ve stripped away a veil, you have removed another layer of dust from my eyes.


Shanti Shanti Shanti

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