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August 30th Full Blue Moon in Pisces

We've all heard the saying "Once in a blue moon...", but what exactly is a blue moon? Let's take a look at the two kinds.

The first type is called a seasonal blue moon. Within an astronomical season (think solstice to equinox, or equinox. to solstice) there are typically 3 full moons. When 4 full moons occur during an astronomical season the third moon of the season (not the fourth) is considered the blue moon.

The second type is called a calendrical blue moon. These are easier to identify as it simply means there are two full moons that occur within one calendar month.

The upcoming blue moon is a calendrical one. We had a full moon on August 1st, and we get another on the 30th!

There are so many special things about this upcoming full moon. Not only is it a rare blue moon, but it will also be our closest supermoon of the year!

Connecting with this luminous, magical, and powerful heavenly event is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past, release that which no longer serves you, and connect with the abundant energy of the universe.

The mystery and rarity of this moon align so perfectly with the spiritual nature of this lunation. Our August 30th Full Moon will be in dreamy, intuitive Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of all things mystical and rules over spirituality, intuition, dreams, and imagination. Pairing these Piscean powers with the Moon's own governance over our deepest emotions, instincts, and subconscious opens up a powerful portal for us to turn our attention inward and become aligned with our innermost selves.

A Full Moon Practice

Begin by cleansing the energy in the space you've found for your ritual.

This may be done by smudging, spritzing a purifying essential oil spray around yourself and the room, or simply by the intentions of the mind.

Find yourself in a comfortable seat and take a few moments to be present with yourself. You can always find ways to engage with the senses (lighting candles, using soothing essential oils, playing calming music, etc.) to help pull your awareness into the present moment.

Take some time to simply breathe. A steady breath in and out through the nose helps anchor the mind down into the body and into the heart center.

I love love love Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing, for balancing and cleansing. As we will be tapping into our intuition, it is a great idea to spend time with this pranayama practice clearing the channels so that the enlightening energy of our Piscean moon may flood our emotional being.

When you feel balanced and open to seeing and receiving take some time to envision, or gaze upon, the light of the full moon. With a comfortable seat and a long spine, take a deep inhale calling this light down through the crown of your head and allowing it to fill every corner of your being. With your exhale, imagine the light clearing out stagnant energy, blockages, and confusion. Repeat this practice for as long as you'd like.

If you enjoy movement in your full moon ritual consider incorporating Moon Salutations or a calming Yin Yoga practice to physically create space in the body. Poses that focus on the hips are a great choice. As the Moon and Pisces govern our emotional states, opening up the space around the hips will really allow for these energies to clear things out, or bring light to our inner emotional state.

After your practice, it is a great idea to spend some time reflecting. Free writing in your journal or responding to specific prompts are both excellent ways to keep a record of what comes up for you.

We used to live with such a connection to the cycles of the seasons and the moon, let us not forget the powerfully healing practice of ritual and intention.

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