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An Inner Journey

I am not one to strictly adhere to a single ideology.

I do not believe that any one path is correct, nor is another necessarily wrong.

I do not like to label myself or my beliefs as I have found that True wisdom can be found anywhere and everywhere if we open ourselves up to it.

I often watch the talks Sadhguru gives, and one I saw recently was on the topic of 'Taking an Inner Journey' and more to the point, why even the idea of such a 'journey' is useless. In the Yoga community, we often state that the ultimate goal of yoga is Union with the Divine. Many of us are under the impression that this is something we need to work towards, we must strive towards, and yes, embark on a journey towards.

The idea of the journey, as Sadhguru explains, is that you are going somewhere far away, off to some distant place. The fundamental error in this thinking is that the Divine, what in essence you are seeking, is not actually off in some faraway land.

It's here. Now. In you.

In this moment. The further away you cast out your idea of the Divine, the further you are from its Union.

I believe this way of thinking is common to our modern mentality, the idea of working, striving, going, and moving forward. Truly though, we just need to drop all of these verbs, all of this 'ing', all of this doing, and just be.

Doing nothing terrifies us. I know I've been horrified of 'wasting my time' for as long as I can remember.

I have some fear within me of not getting as much out of life as possible.

However, the deepest and purest joy we can find is in the Truth, is in Love for ourselves, for the Divine that shines within us, for the people of this Earth, and for Mother Earth herself.

What Sadhguru said deeply resonates with me, both because I know it is the truth, and because despite his simple wisdom to just sit still, it can seem so intimidating.

But it is through this discomfort, looking at that friction and releasing it, reveling in the present, where we will find the Divine within us, where we will experience the Union we all search for.

The most profound journey does not actually require you to go anywhere at all. It simply asks of you to be exactly where you are now, and always.

Right Here.

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